The Feedback Formula Program

“Let me give you some feedback…”

Woman Giving FeedbackSix innocent words that can make your pulse quicken and your body tense as you brace for a punch to your psyche and spirit. Yuck.

Or how about when you need to give feedback?

Do you struggle to find the right words, worried that your comments may be misunderstood—or worse— that the other person will get defensive and fire back?

No wonder feedback can feel like exercising—great in theory, not so easy in practice.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Two Business Women in MeetingWhen leaders break through and build a feedback-rich culture, they create workplaces that build performance, retain the best people, and produce great results.

And feedback is only growing in importance as millennials play a larger role in the workplace, since they need (and expect) frequent input to ensure peak performance and job satisfaction.

I have a theory: If we haven’t been taught how to give or receive feedback, we just don’t do it.

Making the leap to learn and embrace the feedback process is the focus of Conduit Coaching’s interactive and thought-provoking Feedback Formula programs.

You’ll learn how to engage staff and build performance by weaving first-class feedback into your organization’s culture.


Previously we’d had disappointing experiences with external trainers. They were really motivational speakers — entertaining, but not very hands-on. And they didn’t really understand our unique culture.

But Mary Ellen got it! She was in tune with our culture and our language. And she translated our needs into a practical and thought-provoking 2-day leadership conference that engaged everyone from the start.

Mary Ellen’s training has moved our teams to a new level of accountability and transparency. Issues are dealt with quickly; once-avoided conversations are actually happening; and discussions leaders struggled with are done in 10-15 minute conversations. Our teams are so pumped. They’re doing amazing! I couldn’t ask for more. Mary Ellen’s training achieved exactly what I wanted.

I would highly recommend Mary Ellen and Conduit Coaching to organizations with a strong culture who want to take their accountability and strategic mindset to the next level.

Michelle Chisholm | Director of Operations | V!VA Retirement Communities

Program Options

Option One: Feedback Formula Intensive

How, when and what to say so people hear, understand and take the right action

In this full-day workshop, appropriate for both leaders and staff, you’ll learn and practice three vital elements necessary to give fantastic feedback:

  1. The 4 Communication Keys to giving corrective feedback that’s heard, understood and acted on.
  2. The formula to easily give powerful feedback that fits every situation, every time.
  3. How to overcome hurdles like fear and defensiveness to giving feedback.

Option Two: Feedback Formula Culture Upgrade

How, when and what to say so people want to engage and improve their performance.

Short on time? Our 90-minute training hits the highlights with a blend of discussion and hands-on practice and is perfect for managers and supervisors. We’ll cover:

  1. The three “must-dos” to weave a culture of feedback in your organization.
  2. The 5 Prime Times to step up and offer corrective feedback.
  3. How to give millennials the feedback they want (without adding hours to your day).

Best of all?

Pointing Meeting
Nothing beats results.

Participants will make a 30-day commitment to discover and practice “The One Thing” that will have the greatest impact on their results.

And I’ll work with you to create a reliable follow-up program so you can be sure this training really sticks and your leaders have the confidence and skills to create a feedback-rich culture.

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Feedback Formula Program