Search Inside Yourself – Born at Google.
Based on Brain-Science.

From my umpteen years supporting leaders and teams I’ve seen the importance of Emotional Intelligence. And I’ve personally experienced the benefits of Mindfulness.

I’ve shared the ideas in bits and pieces … but didn’t have the expertise (or will) to create something from scratch that could draw on all the excellent resources and research that’s out there.

That’s what I love about the Search Inside Yourself® (SIY) program.

  1. It’s been piloted at Google for years … taught to a bunch of skeptical engineers … and it’s the most popular internal program at Google. So it’s great content presented well.
  2. Daniel Goleman (the guy who popularized Emotional Intelligence) and Jon Kabat-Zinn (of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction fame) both advised in creating the SIY program. So it’s real stuff based in real science.
  3. Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) is a separate organization with staff who keep on top of the research so you can be sure the content continues to be leading edge and relevant.

I was fortunate to have successfully completed SIYLI’s rigorous certification process and study of neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership. Yay! It was a difficult, mind-blowing, life-changing 10-months.

From pre- and  post- surveys, SIY participants have found the program helps…

  • Expand their leadership capacity (for both formal and informal leaders).
  • Improve collaboration & performance.
  • Enhances well-being & resilience.

The program is appropriate for staff and leaders … the full 28-day program (2 in-person training days + ongoing support for 28 days) can work for leaders with the possibility of a keynote or shorter workshops for teams/staff.

Reach out for a 10-minute conversation if you’re curious to learn more about how it can help you and your leaders.

Search Inside Yourself ® and the SIY logos are trademarks of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, used under license.