Turn Barriers Into Bridges

Executives are fast-moving. You can visit the gym, prepare for a board meeting, plan a new acquisition, make a few dozen decisions, commute an hour and half from the “burbs” and grab a bite to eat—all before 8 a.m. And, you thrive on it!

We not only salute you, we’re often right along beside you. But – here’s the million dollar question – when do you pause and realign?

The Top Can Be Lonely

Executives deal with issues that are important and not always easy: people management, strategic planning, leading a growing organization, oh yes, and work-life balance. Sometimes you just need to bounce ideas around (and the car radio is such a bad listener!) Board members, staff, friends, and family are great but it isn’t always appropriate to discuss the issues with them.

Conduit Coaching is the place to “talk it out”. We know all about corporate life. This is one of the few places you can:

  • Speak honestly about what’s happening for you personally
  • Have somebody question your thought processes, beliefs, and assumptions
  • Become aware of your blind spots
  • Think out loud without self-censoring
  • Learn how to be calm regardless of what’s happening around you
  • Lighten up and not take yourself so seriously

Calm In The Midst of Life

That fast-moving life doesn’t always provide the space for thinking through the “next steps” of important decisions, or envisioning the big picture. Of course, most of us would agree that sitting on a tropical beach watching the waves lap up onto the sand would be a much better atmosphere. But what if you could instill within yourself the calm of a warm sandy beach anytime you wanted?

Yes, no matter how chaotic the world got, no matter how ugly the meeting became, you could align yourself and bring your mind into a place of calm – without pulling out the meditation mat! It’s called “being in the zone” and coaching will show you how to get there.

Executive and Leadership Coaching with Conduit Coaching helps you hit your stride and find your zone by developing:

  • Tools for re-energizing confidence and alleviating self doubt
  • Techniques for managing competing responsibilities and challenging goals
  • A vision for yourself and the organization, leading to quicker, more effective decisions
  • Awareness of your natural strengths and the ability to access them whenever you want
  • Tools that reduce anxiety in the midst of chaos and uncertainty
  • Relationship building skills to create an atmosphere that unites staff to achieve goals

For More Information on Executive Coaching

Contact Mary Ellen to discuss how Executive and Leadership Coaching can specifically benefit you. It’s easiest to demonstrate coaching, so call to schedule your complimentary session today.